We are honored that you want to represent us and offer our products to your customers.

However, we do not offer a wholesale program of any kind.

Why have a page on our website titled "Wholesale", then? Due to the high volume of wholesale inquiries we constantly receive and the disappointment and bewilderment of store owners when we break the news to them and the time necessary to answer the inevitable "why not?"...we felt it necessary to explain why we do not offer wholesale.

We receive wholesale inquiries frequently and we feel your pain. We truly do. We understand and greatly appreciate your desire to offer quality American made leather goods to your customers and we realize your options in this area are frustratingly stagnant. We've heard all the arguments in favor of wholesale (on your end and ours) and we fully understand all of them.

While we have not entirely ruled out wholesale as a possibility for the future, we are in no way prepared to offer it at this time. Please understand that all of our products are made from scratch in our workshop in Stephenville, TX. This means the supply is limited, unfortunately. We want to be sure we can properly serve our many wonderful retail customers that visit our store in Stephenville, our website and our vendor booths before making any new commitments.

In the future, if we do decide to offer a wholesale program this page will be updated with information and an application. Potential wholesale opportunities will be extremely limited, requirements strict and dealers will be handpicked very carefully. Please check this page periodically for any new information.

We genuinely appreciate your interest in our products.