What to do if the tack item you want is shown as "TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK" on our website!

All of the items we sell are designed by us and handmade by us in our shop in Stephenville, Texas.

There are two ways you can get something that's shown as "TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK"...

Contact us and order the item. This is by far the BEST and QUICKEST way to get the item you want. To place your order, you can call us (254-918-2420 Monday-Friday 9-5PM Central time), email us (heather@runningroantack.com). Tell us what you want, your email address and the zip/post code where it will ship. Then, we email you a PayPal invoice. You can pay that with any card without needing a PayPal account. You'll enter your shipping address into PayPal with your payment. All special orders must be paid in full before they are booked. Once orders are paid/booked, they are placed in line this to be made. Minimum 30 day wait on all special orders (may be longer depending on current custom order load and time of year).

Don't order it and just wait for us to eventually find time to make that item again, add it to inventory and snatch it off the website. There is chance that you will wait for a very, very, VERY long time. We can't quote accurate ship times on inventory like we can for orders, as batches of inventory are made sporadically to fill up time in between orders. Often times, batches of inventory sell out before they're completed, so the products never even make it to the website. You may not be happy with Option #2. It's best to just go with Option #1 (see above).