Everything you ever wanted to know about Running Roan's tack

Introduction: From the ground up
When you're dealing with horses or leather goods, foundation is everything. This is why we build all our Running Roan Tack brand products from scratch. Each part of the process...from design to completion of the finished product...takes place on site at our shop located in the Cowboy Capital of the World: Stephenville, Texas. We have full control of every detail of the products that bear our name.

The hides
Premium leather is the foundation of exceptional leather goods. We source our leather from the best tanneries in the world and purchase only the finest top grade hides. We build a wide variety of products and carefully select each type of leather we use...from buttery soft bridle leather to expertly tanned veg tan leather to beautifully embossed leather.

What makes our bling the best?
We ONLY use genuine Swarovski crystals. We affix the crystals to our buckles and conchos with industrial bonding agents. AND THEN...we coat each buckle and concho with our premier BlingArmor finish, creating a protective layer over the crystals. BlingArmor is heat resistant, waterproof, easy to clean and helps protect against damage and loss of crystals. Our BlingArmor finish makes our bling TEXAS TOUGH!

The process
We cut parts out of hides using our own leather cutting dies that we have custom designed. We do not use any pre-made dies, we thoughtfully design each and every piece of the items that bear our name.

After cutting, the parts are prepared as needed and sewn. Then the edges are burnished by hand and properly dressed.

And now the finishing touches! The metal dots we use to embellish our products have extra long legs and we attach them securely with specially designed dot setting machines. We use stainless steel hardware whenever possible. We use only genuine Swarovski crystals for maximum sparkle and shine.

The finished product
The result of all that hard work and attention to detail is a beautiful, functional and durable piece of gear that will perform as good as it looks.